Data Recovery

Don’t panic – call SR Squared Computers, Inc for reliable data recovery for your Homewood, IL business.

Losing important data is one of the worst things that could happen to your business, but don’t hit the panic button yet. SR Squared Computers, Inc, data recovery solutions recover and return your data in no time at all, allowing you to resume work as quickly as possible.

At SR Squared Computers, Inc, we believe that data can be recovered a majority of the time. So don’t assume that your valuable data is permanently lost. Loss of electronic information can impact your business or personal life in significant ways. No matter how your data was lost – through mechanical failure, virus, natural disaster, or accidental or intentional deletion – we can get it back for you. We have successfully recovered data from literally thousands of drives with extreme physical damage.

We specialize in safe, secure data recovery from SAN, RAID arrays, laptops, PC hard drives and other media, including DLT and DAT tape, ZIP and Jaz disks and other formats. We are backed by extensive experience in providing highly reliable, customized IT and software solutions, and adept at creating custom data recovery service plans based on turnaround time, delivery service and security options that suit your company’s needs.

Our Data Recovery Specialists understand that data loss can have wide-ranging, even traumatic, implications on your business or personal life. They can offer you immediate help with:

  • Evaluating your particular situation and its unique requirements.
  • Deciding on the best course of action.
  • Recovering crucial data.
  • Relieving panic and stress.
  • Preventing further data loss.

At SR Squared Computers, Inc, we appreciate that your data is confidential. We comply with the most stringent regulations in terms of security and confidentiality while handling your data.

SR Squared Computers, Inc provides disaster recovery services for recovery of crucial data from a computer hard drive or storage tape after a fire, flood or explosion. While many of the data recovery techniques are similar to those implemented in less extreme conditions, we deploy some of the best disaster recovery experts in the industry to help you recover from such critical and traumatic loss.

Natural disasters can put a company in a highly tenuous position. Valuable data may be lost permanently unless backup data has been stored in a remote location. Lost or destroyed customer files, financial records, and inventory records are practically impossible to reconstruct, and such damage can bring down a business almost overnight.