Electronic File Cabinet

How can electronic file cabinets benefit your business? SR Squared Computers, Inc. of Homewood, IL is here to help.



Unlimited access for your clients at no additional fee!!

SR Squared Computers Inc. Introduces Electronic File Cabinet, which enables you to store all of your files, documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s, Pictures and many more.  Store them in one place and retrieve them anytime and any place you have internet access.

  • Allow and control clients/customers/employees local or remote access to the documents you choose.
  • Ability to save to a internet server or local server or both.
  • Keep track of who saves/retrieves/views documents.
  • Find documents using a powerful search tool.
  • Arrange how your documents are organized according to your needs.
  • Apply password protection to a set of documents.
  • Choose whether clients/customers received an automatic email notification for new documents.
  • New documents can be added to File Cabinet by your choice of:
    • Print to.
    • Scan into.
    • Import an existing file.
    • checked out/in.